National Do-Not-Call Registry Information

Registration on the USA Do Not Call List for telemarketers is at no cost.

To Register in the USA call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you want added to the list.

Note:  Many complaints that calling from a cell phone does not work but registration can be completed or verified via the Internet by clicking here.

What to expect:  It takes 31 days for calls to stop.  Calls NOT included:  Debt Collection, Political calls, Survey Calls, Calls from Charities, and from businesses where you are a customer or asked for information.  These calls are not covered by the definition of “telemarketing” which is basically trying to sell something or are exempt because you have an “established business relationship.”  Some Telemarketers may also break the law and call anyway but most telemarketing outfits use the list.

What to do for violations:  A complaint may be filed by clicking here.  If the calls violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act a person may, under certain circumstances, sue in small claims court for $500 – $1500 per violation.  However, this is complicated and full of pitfalls (such as getting countersued if a mistake is made).  The website has extensive information about this.  Other options are a (formal or informal) FCC complaint or a suit in federal court.

If you are in Canada click here for Canadian Do-Not-Call

If you are in Australia click here for AustralianDo-Not-Call

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